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 Khai Vi - Appetizers

A1.  Cha GioFried Egg Rolls (4 rolls)                              6 Crispy egg rolls filled with ground pork, shrimp, crab, and        mixed vegetables served with lettuce and mint accompanied with lime chili sauce.

A2.  Goi Cuon – Summer Rolls (2 rolls)                           6 Thin sliced pork and shrimp wrapped in rice paper with lettuce,vermicelli, and mint served with peanut sauce.

A3.  Chao Tom CuonShrimp Cake Rolls (2 rolls)         6 House special shrimp cake wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, vermicelli, and mint served with fish sauce.

A4.  Nem Nuon CuonRoasted Pork Rolls (2 rolls)       6 .Roasted pork wrapped in rice paper with crispy roll and fresh herbs served  with Chef’s special sauce.   

A5.  Dau Hu CuonCrispy Tofu Rolls (2 Rolls)               6

Fried tofu wrapped in rice paper with fresh herbs, bean sprout,and vermicelli served with peanut sauce.



 A6.  Thit Nuong CuonGrilled Pork Rolls (2 Rolls)       6 Grilled sliced pork wrapped in rice paper with fresh herbs, beansprouts, and vermicelli served with peanut sauce.

A7.  Chicken Satay Skewers (3 Skewers)                        8   Grilled chicken on skewers accompanied with house specialpeanut sauce.

A8.Tom NuongGrilled Shrimp Skewers (3 Skewers) 9   Marinated grilled shrimp skewers served with salt, pepper      and lime.

A9.  Muc Chien Gion – Golden Fried Calamari                9 Flash-fried calamari served with a lime wedge.

A10. Canh Ga Chien Gion – Fried Chicken Wings           8 Deep fried wings on lettuce served with house special sweet& sour sauce.

A11. Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam – Spicy Chicken Wings                                                                                                   8 Deep fried wings on lettuce served with house special fish  sauce with chili.

A12. Goi Ga – Chicken Salad                                            8  Shredded chicken over cabbage, carrots & onions, topped with“rau ram” herbs, roasted shallot & peanut in house vinaigrette.

A13. Goi Tom ThitShrimp and Pork Salad                  8 Shrimp & pork over cabbage, carrots, and onions, toppedwith mint leaves, roasted shallot and peanut in house  vinaigrette.

A14. Bo La Lot – Grilled “La Lot” Beef (6 pieces)         10 Minced beef mixed with spices and wrapped in an aromaticbetel leaf served with lettuce, vermicelli, mixed herb, and anchovy sauce.

A15. Chao Tom – Grilled Shrimp Cake (3 sticks)         12 Grilled shrimp pasted wrapped around sugar cane served withthin rice paper,  lettuce, mixed herbs, and Chef’s special sauce.

A16. Cha Gio Chay – Fried Vegetarian Rolls                   6 Egg rolls w/ tofu, mushrooms, mung beans, vermicelli ricenoodles, and herbs.

A17. Smoked  Salmon Rolls                                             8Smoked salmon wrapped in rice paper with mixed freshvegetable and pickles.