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rang Mieng – Desserts

D1. Che Ba Mau                                                                  4

       Combination of bean, jelly, and coconut milk served withcrush ice.

D2.  Che Thai                                                                      4

       Mixture of shredded jackfruit, coconut jelly cubes, toddypalm seed, logan, served with crushed ice and coconut milk.


D4. Soda Sua Hot Ga                                                         4 

       Delicious sweet &, creamy drink, made from egg yolk,

       condensed milk, and club soda.

Thuc Uong – Beverages

D11. Cafe Sua Da / Cafe Den Da                                            4

Ice coffee with or without sweetened condensed milk.

D12. Café Sua  Nong / Café Den Nong                                  4

Hot coffee with or without sweetened condensed milk.

D13. Sinh To Trai Cay                                                              4

Freshly blended smoothies. Choice of avocado, strawberry, mango, or pineapple..

D14. Trai Dua Tuoi                    4  Fresh coconut juice.

D15. Tra Thai                            3  Thai iced tea with light cream.


D17. Nuoc Da Chanh / Soda Chanh                                       3

Freshly squeezed limeade / club soda limeade.

D18. Tra Da                                                                             1.5

 Iced tea.

 D19. Nuoc Ngot / Soda Drinks                                               2

 Coke, diet Coke, Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Crush Orange.


 D21. Iced Ginger Tea                                                              3 Made with honey and ginger.


Beers and Wines

W1. Beer Tiger                                                        5

W2. Budweiser                                                       4

W3. Bud Light                                                         4

W4. Corona                                                                 4

W5. Heineken                                                         4

W6. New Castle                                                             4

W7. Soju (bottle)                                                     8

W8. Sake (hot or cold)                            Sm: 6    Lg: 8

W9. Red Wine                                  Glass: 5   Bottle: 18

W10. White Wine                             Glass: 5   Bottle: 18