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Com – Rice Dishes

C1. Com Suon Nuong – Pork Chop                                   10 Grilled marinated pork chop

C2. Com Thit Nuong – Grilled Pork                                     9

Thinly sliced grilled marinated pork

C3. Com Suon Bi Cha                                                           10

Grilled pork chop with shredded pork skin & steamed egg cake

C4. Com Suon Bo Dai Han                                                    13

Korean BBQ beef ribs

C5. Com Bo Nuong                                                                 9

Grilled marinated thin sliced beef.

C6. Com Ga Roti                                                                     9

House special roasted chicken

C7. Com Ga Nuong                                                                 9

Grilled marinated chicken

C8. Com Ga Xa Ot                                                                   9

Lemongrass Chicken, onion and jalapeno

C9. Com Ga Satay                                                                   9

Grilled chicken satay

C10. Com Ca Thi La                                                              13 Grilled catfish fillet marinated with house spices and baby dill herbs


C11. Shaking Beef

C4. BBQ Short Rib Plate

 Com - Rice Dishes

C11. Com Bo Luc Lac – Shaking Beef                          14

Vietnamese style stir fried cubed beef tenderloin.

C12. Com Ga Nuong Cha Gio                                           9

Grilled chicken and Spring Rolls

C13. Com Thit Nuong Cha Gio                                         9

Grilled sliced pork and crispy spring rolls

C14. Com Bo La Lot                                                          13

Grilled shrimps and crispy spring rolls

C15. Com Bo Xao                                                                9

Vietnamese Sautéed Beef rice plate.

C16. Com Chien-Fried Rice                                               8

Lemongrass Chicken, onion and jalapeno

C17. Com Ca Salmon- Salmon Plate                             13

Black pepper and salt salmon with buttery onion

C18. Sweet n Sour Chicken Plate                                   9

Crispy chicken popcorn in sweet n sour sauce.

C19. TonKatsu Plate                                                         10

Deep fried crispy Porkloin with house special sauce.

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